Thursday, August 6, 2009

Does this mean I'm edgy? :D

Well I think it's more about my origin.
I remember in German class, we had to do little presentations about our countries in German (with our bad German yes..) and I told a story about the Cracatoa (Krakatau in Indonesian) cos we have volcanoes all accross the country and my tribe actually comes from an island which in the middle of Lake Toba, biggest volcanic crater lake in the world, which is a part of the most powerful volcano in the world, read this, you'll be amazed;

the little island itself called Samosir island, and there's a very small traditional port, only for fishermans ship which has the same name with my family name, and that's where my family comes from, maybe someday we can go there together :) btw my tribe is called Batak Toba., the language called the same, this is how the script looks like.

so why i suddenly talk about volcanoes, well it's been kinda my obsession to see if not the biggest, its one of the biggest volcano in the world which once entitled as 'The world's navel' or the belly button of the world, because on its largest explosion in 1883; the recordings show that the shockwave from the final explosion reverberated around the globe 7 times in total. you can read it up in wikipedia or here

yes finally after years of admiration, I'm going to see its majesty, this is one link of latest documentation of it
I hope when we get there, there will be no significant explosion or what I'm most afraid of is tsunami :D , well we're gonna be in safe distance hopefully. I will post pics when I get back, but if not remember I love you guys,,,just kidding hehe ;)
but I do think if Toba explodes again, I think Indonesia will be a history, well at least for sure my homeland or my tribe, I will be extinct, like an orangutan, so guys see Indonesia before it explodes, or at least be very nice to me, I'm endangered species hehehhe,,,I'm just blabbering, have a nice summer!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is there any place where things are not stupid ?

I finally able to conquer the time zone "hangover"...i woke up 6.30 am (1.30 am Germany time) and went morning walking with my cousin. Before i head off to her place, i walked through a small slum very near from my neighborhood. well some people don't think it's that bad or that it's a slum, just like ghetto, but still to me...

It's very common in Jakarta to find a nice neighborhood with very nice buildings/houses, then when you walk another 200 meters, there's a filthy slum. Many parts of this city is very luxurious, but also many 'eye-hurting' sights. When i saw some kids play swing on a tree, my first thought was; I wish they go to school. I don't know how to survive this, in few months I'm sure I'll look like I'm stoned , I need to do something though it's small. This is my problem in Indonesia, well in Germany I also see many sad things, but when it involves kids, its just unbearable.
Is there any place on earth where things are not stupid ?
well I saw this kinderarmut campaign poster in Freiburg few days before I left, check it out

Though I think the question is more important than the answer, my best try to answer my blog's title this time is:
anywhere, when you have quality time with family and intimate discussions with best friends! :)
so many sad things, yet the world is a party waiting to happen, when I give, I have reasons to celebrate and receive some joy, givers gain :)

Indescribable feelings when you meet people you haven't met for almost 4 years and you hug and talk like you never went away, nothing changes, well I'm sure that's how it's gonna be when we meet again someday guys! 'till then, feel good and take care!

Love Always,