Thursday, February 18, 2010

The journey is home

I feel like home when I'm on the road, it's highly addictive, not sure if it's curable, so here i go again lol
my friend said that some of us just have a more inborn Wanderlust -- we're stifled if we can't exercise it. He couldn't say it better, but I travel like every month, and just last weekend I went out of town for some safari, that's kinda excessive right?
I think this is my last for a while, since this is my 5th trip in 6 months :D
An extreme traveler friend of mine responded my complaint by saying "It is in you, it is in me, but some people do not have that courage to get out and do something different. They will never know how much they miss in life."

Well I'm glad I have the courage to get out and take my passions to actions, but honestly I kinda think this trip is a not so good idea on this rainy season, and yes I'm scared...

Have you ever heard of the Amish people? this one is similar concept, it's like Amish ppl of Indonesia, a village where the ppl choose to live like how it was hundreds years ago...this is where I'm going. They don't know what cellphone is, plane, and all. They live far in to the jungles of the mountains. Their religion is like hundreds years ago, they worship trees i heard (reminds me of Avatar lol),,so they live their life even way far behind the time of the Amish people.

So we're renting a truck from the army...then a minimum 6 hours trekking to the outter ring of their village. What has been worrying me is, it's been raining for the past week for literally 24 hours! so for the first stop (til you can rest) is 6 hours steep climbing under the rain, fog of the mountain, heavy backpack, LEECH ?!?!
No cellphone signals, no anykind of modern thing...complete darkness at night...

1st question: How am I gonna do this? I just hope I won't collapsed and giving people trouble :/

2nd question: If I go clean or pee by the river, how am i ignore the fact that someone is able to peek freely?

I stayed in the jungle for almost 2 months before when I was 21, I did this before (not on rainy season though) and survived. Why am I so scared now? maybe I'm germanized, everything so clean and safe..well time to sharpen it again, I won't think so much why I'm discouraged inside, nevertheless just incase, please forgive my mistakes and I love you guys hehe :) take care!


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