Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harmonious Chaos

that is Jakarta. I think if you can drive here, you can drive anywhere else. Seeing how my sister drove, i think i need to gather all my guts to dare to drive again, someday :p
I wanna go somewhere specific cos everything's cheaper there but she won't drive me there cos during that time the traffic jam is deadly. In Freiburg or in Fuwa you won't have to think about these things, only able to go to several places in certain time if you don't wanna get caught by traffic jam. Don't think highway/autobahn is free of it, sometimes until 9 pm there're still jam in many big streets.

I poured tap water and drank it, the result is i got a stomach ache. No, you can't drink tap water in Indonesia. We drive on the right wheel, so stay on the left when you're not in a rush on a escalator. And just like in Greece, our toilets don't 'digest' toilet paper, it will clog it, so you have to throw it away in to a bin. My mom thinks it's disgusting that I only shower once a day, she said she wouldn't care if I don't sleep on the same bed with her but since I do then...(my dad is out of town and we like long chat on the bed). Well those were small things that I have to get adjusted again, but i"ll get used to it in no time, and slowly lose my german touch? we'll see...

Thanks guys for very thoughtful responses by personal messages, and kathrin, I think you're also fantastic person :)
Lety wants me to post my family pics, since i'm on my sis' comp i'm gonna upload what she has hehe...


I'm trying to keep my promise and update this blog before I get busy,,well also lazy hehe hope you guys enjoyed, if you also have a blog I'd like to know :* besoss


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